Exclusive Interview: Former Baptist Pastor Speaks Out

Dave Webster is a former Baptist pastor who had a deep faith in the Lord as a Protestant and had a passionate desire to bring others to faith in Christ early in life.

Godwin Delali Adadzie: Who is Dave Webster?

Dave Webster: I was raised an evangelical Protestant and my fundamentalist Baptist formation came in the schools I attended in preparation for the ministry.  I was actually a second generation Protestant pastor, from a family of six.  I came to a deep faith in the Lord as a Protestant and had a passionate desire to bring others to faith in Christ early in life.  I also had the strong influence of an aunt who served as a missionary in both China and Hong Kong for many years. My first church in Wisconsin which I served as pastor for some 8 years was a Bible based ministry. My view of Biblical doctrine however led to a major emphasis on exposing what I believed were the numerous errors of the Catholic faith in my community. This was not confined merely to my ministry in the pulpit but over our weekly radio broadcast – that is until the broadcast was terminated by the station owner!

I, as most other evangelical fundamental Protestants of course, felt the Catholic Faith had become a confusing hodgepodge of ideas adopted to accommodate the views of as many people as possible without regard to the purity of the truth.  I strongly felt the Catholic Church had added many things to the faith of the first century Church which seriously hindered a clear understanding of the Gospel.

The inconsistencies in my own theology that had been easily ignored in the seminary classroom however became growing and gnawing realities during my eight years in the ministry.  Finally becoming intolerable they led to my resignation. But going from there to any resolution of the various issues I was struggling with took almost twice that time because the Catholic faith was the very last place I would have thought able to resolve any of these issues let alone everyone of them!  The process therefore took 15 years after leaving the pastorate and moving to Ohio.  It was actually the pull of the Fatima revelations and the occurrences at Medjugorje that finally drew me to open the Catholic Catechism.  Here I discovered the answers to all those plaguing questions: What really is the Church?  Does “lost” and “unsaved” always mean condemned to Hell or “on the way to Hell” as I had been taught?  Who really will be lost forever? …and on what basis?    Did the regenerating Born Again experience justify one of all sin, even of those sins one would commit in the future as we had been taught? Did being Born Again really guarantee one Heaven?  Did Jesus really establish His kingdom on earth with a perpetual priesthood as the Catholics believed? Were the consecrated elements really the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord hidden under merely the appearance of bread and wine just as He hid Himself in the Incarnation under the appearance of human flesh?

I found however that actually joining the Catholic Church was an even greater leap than publically confessing the fullness of Catholic faith!  That could not have happened without the revelations given to the Italian mystic Maria Valtorta in the 1940’s.  This 5,000 page revelation of the life and ministry of Christ wiped out every fear I had of that move despite the problems I saw within the Church.  So it was in ’99 that I made that move and my family followed in the next year.

In the following 14 years I have been researching and writing extensively on post-Apostolic revelations to the Church and particularly the revelation given to Maria Valtorta to whom, in 1950, was revealed the New Evangelization and from whom Pope Paul VI learned of it and became the first to announce it to the Church.  I consider the revelations to her to be the most important and life changing revelation Heaven has ever given to the Church since the close of the Biblical canon and its suppression to be one of the greatest tragedies for the Church and the world right next to the tragedy of the suppression and vile distortion of the Fatima revelation that was spread throughout the Church.

These tragedies and my own life long personal passionate love for and study of the Scriptures and my study of Biblical Greek and Hebrew, and the instruction and resources offered in my schooling, refuting the liberal modernistic views of the origin of the Bible and its authenticity, laid the solid foundation for the monumental task of updating the Douay-Rheims Version and creating the Evangelical Catholic Study Bible.  This work takes head-on the massive misinformation and distortions of the modernist editing throughout the New American Catholic Study Bible and includes a complete cross referencing to the Valtorta revelations. I have appeared on the Coming home network at EWTN and with Sandy Timco on the Lumen Christi network.  I have led Marian Movement of Priest canticles and founded Save Our Church, a group of the faithful exposing a dissident group calling themselves FutureChurch (a local Call to Action branch) in the Cleveland Diocese.  I have also spoken at Miles Jesu, Path to Rome Conferences in Austria and Phoenix.  My most earnest prayer IS TO SEE THE UNITY AMONG ALL CHRISTIANS FOR WHICH CHRIST PRAYED!

I am married to Cindy, whom I met in Bible College and am the Father of two wonderful daughters, who have both joined the Catholic Church.   We have have four grandchildren, Augustine Gabriel, Autumn Elizabeth, Galilee Laurel and Elijah Maximilian and live in the Cleveland area.

Godwin Delali Adadzie: Do you subscribe to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church?

Dave Webster: Magisterial authority is specifically what Christ gave to the Church and the Church is all that which remains in union with Peter’s chair according to Our Lord’s solemn declaration: “Thou art Peter and upon this Rock [Peter and his office] I will build My Church.” If you are not on that Rock you are not in the Church in its very real corporal sense, in the sense of the Church being the ONE “BODY” of Christ. That Our Lord’s reference here to Peter refers to not only to him personally but to all who would fill his shoes until the end of the age is revealed when Our Lord promised all the Apostles that He would be with them until the end of the world.  “Them” then refers to those in their office until the end of the world.

This authority is accompanied by the promise that the truth in completeness would be transmitted in the Church to the very end and that outside the Church the completeness of the truth would be in some degree lost. That there would always be those ordained as Apostles (bishops and priests) in union with “Peter” is absolutely promised, but the clarity of the truth and the effectiveness of the truth preserved and proclaimed in the Church would depend upon how receptive and obedient the Apostolic office would be to the faith and the prophetic voices given to the Church directly by Heaven.  Thus Paul in Ephesians 2:20 is clear that the Church is built upon the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets!  Israel gives a vivid example of what happens to the covenant people who believe they can ignore the prophets sent to them. The Church is no exception. Those who think otherwise had better read Paul’s warning to the Church at Rome, no less! (Romans 11:7-25!).  The warning to the Laodicean churches (Revelation 3:14-22) is another pertinent warning for the Catholic Church [to]day!

Godwin Delali Adadzie: Are we living in the End times?

Dave Webster: Those who have ignored Heaven’s prophets to the Church will debate this issue to their own peril.  Jesus warned His generation of the destruction coming upon His covenant people for their unbelief almost 40 years before it happened and promised it would be in their generation!  An unparalleled divine judgment has been promised for this generation and it has been unmistakably identified as the time of the abomination of desolation in the Temple of God which will coincide with the Great Tribulation and immediately precede the Second Coming of Christ! The warnings for us have been much more abundant, much more ominous and far more threatening. Most Catholics have not been prepared for the events soon to unfold because too many bishops and priests have failed their ministries as shepherds to the people.  The apostasy to come within the Church that Jesus Himself predicted and clearly reiterated by our Lady of LaSalette is fully upon us: “Rome [the Church at Rome under its Bishop] will lose the faith and become the seat of Anti-Christ. The demons of the air together with the Anti-Christ will perform wonders on earth and in the atmosphere, and men will become more and more perverted.”  Fatima, the Valtorta revelations and Garabandal all tell us that the revealing of the Man of Sin and the False Prophet in the Church who usurps the papal office is imminent if not already a reality.

Godwin Delali Adadzie: Is the Church as we know it in crisis?

Dave Webster: The Church is in a crisis unparalleled in its History and it has increasingly been so since Fatima and its message was first ignored then finally distorted and its message of an imminent worldwide apostasy flatly denied.

Godwin Delali Adadzie: What are the possible solutions?

Dave Webster: Those who focus primarily on the external threats to the faith, the Church and the world can be greatly misled.  Though exposing this external threat is essential as a wakeup call, it must be a wakeup call to the Church and its members who alone, united to the faith to Our Lord and Mother of God, hold the key to triumph over evil. The solution to the threat of evil is always with the people of God. It was the Lord Himself who declared to Solomon: “If My people which are called by My name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways: then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sins and will heal their land.”  (2 Chron. 7:14)  So correcting the moral collapse within the Church itself is the key to reversing or negating the consequences that have been predicted for our sins.  But little talk of sin has been heard in the Church for decades! And far worse, the solution to this moral collapse within the Church that has been given in answer to the St. Michal prayer which was a part of the liturgy from 1884 until 1965, has been ignored, suppressed, and even rejected! Heaven’s solution to the present threat offered to the bishops of the Church was given at Fatima, it is contained in the Valtorta Revelations and with Garabandal!  That is the greatest of all the offences within the Church. Rejecting the remedy is a far greater transgression than the original moral crisis. It was that transgression against Heaven that opened up the door for the present assault on the Church and the faith. It was precisely that sin among Israel’s religious leaders that led to the captivity of Israel and Judah and the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple. The dire consequences of which Our Lady at Fatima spoke was for this transgression of not obeying her directives.  She again at Garabandal spoke of the consequence of ignoring Heaven’s messages: “Because my message of October 18 has not been complied with and has not been made known to the world [by the pope and the bishops]I will tell you that this is my last one [to them]. Before the chalice was filling, now it is overflowing. Many cardinals, many bishops and many priests are on the path of perdition and they take many souls with them.” Most Catholics are still so blind they cannot see that Vatican II was a council held without the help of Heaven despite the fact that the crisis within the Church [h]as only exploded since and despite the chilling words of warning from Pope Paul VI in 1972 that “The smoke of Satan has entered the temple of God,”  and in 1977: “The darkness of Satan has entered and spread throughout the Catholic Church even to its summit. . . into the highest levels of the Church.”   This is also despite the fact that Benedict XVI in 2010 before 500,000 thousand exposed Secretary’s of State Sodano and Bertone as deceivers! Benedict was referring to the long standing serious distortion of the revelation of Fatima byVatican Secretaries of State Villot, Casaroli, Sodano and Bertone that they had spread throughout the Church which has left most Catholics completely unprepared for what is coming.

Until this most serious transgression against Heaven and a frontal attack on the papacy itself is recognized and repented of by those in positions of spiritual leadership in the Church the decline will only accelerate. There certainly will be no New Evangelization.  There will be no New Evangelization until that happens because it was revealed to Maria Valtorta that the New Evangelization would spring from these very revelations and the New Evangelizers bearing those messages!  

Godwin Delali Adadzie: Who is Maria Valtorta?

Dave Webster: I with many others consider her the greatest visionary ever given to the Church.  The revelations she has been given are the most profound and potentially impacting of any revelation Heaven has ever given humanity.  They are also the most scientifically verified of any revelation ever given and that dealing with the actual content, and not merely in a few places in the work but throughout its 5,000 pages! Her person and life are most wonderfully presented by Emilio Pisani on our blog site: http://www.newamplifieddouayrheims.com/blog/maria-valtorta-biography/  It should be read by everyone able to read!

Godwin Delali Adadzie: How relevant are her messages today?

Dave Webster: Extremely relevant!  That she was given the details of the New Evangelization should itself be a clue!  But let me give you the very words of Christ in respect to just the first of seven reasons Our Lord gave for the work – its relevance to our day of rationalism and modernism within the Church:

“The most profound reason for the gift of this work is that in the present time, when modernism, condemned by My holy Vicar Pius X, becomes corrupted in more and more harmful doctrines, the Church, represented by My Vicar, may have further material to fight against those who deny: the supernaturalness of dogmas; the divinity of the Christ; the doctrine of Paul and John and of the councils of Nicaea Ephesus and Chalcedon, as My true doctrine verbally taught by Me; My unlimited science; the divine origin of the dogmas of the Sacraments of the Church One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic; the universality and continuity, until the end of time, of the Gospel given by Me and for all men; and the perfect nature, from the beginning, of My doctrine that has not been formed, as it is, through successive  transformations, but was given as it is.”

This and six other reasons for the revelations are given in the final pages of what has been called, The Poem of the Man-God but now is called The Gospel as Revealed to Me.

The importance and relevance of these revelations is also seen in the words of condemnation our Lord has for those who have opposed it:

“These, too, will expiate till the end of the ages their sins of haughtiness, envy, spite, injustice and, above all, their lack of charity towards their neighbor—that is, toward you [Maria], and toward all those souls who, through the Work, would have found faith again and, hence, Life and eternal Salvation.

“For all these souls who could not be saved through the fault of these haughty, envious Clergy, they will have to render and account to Me, and expiate the bad use they made of the free will that I had given them. Not only that, but they are enlightened, supported, guided with the proper the more ample and powerful, the greater their religious rank and theological culture. The higher their office and culture, the more severe also [will be] the chastisement for their fault. It is I Who say this to you, Maria.  Ah! These Shepherds of souls who forbid the wholesome pasture to the sheep and the lambs, and do not themselves do anything to save them when the sheep have strayed and are in danger—what faults they commit, what sorrow they give Me!

“In vain will they later, in the particular Judgment, invoke then My pardon, My Mercy!  I can only answer them: “I gave you bread and the water of life for whoever was hungry and thirsty, and you rejected Me and My gift. Now I reject you.  Go and expiate, each of you in proportion to the sin you have committed. You did not want to recognize Me in the Work. Now, I do not recognize you.”

There is nothing ever given to the Church, especially for bishops and priests more capable of  transforming lives and faith.

Godwin Delali Adadzie: Any recommended books?

Dave Webster: Above and beyond all else would of course be The Poem of the Man-God now called the Gospel as Revealed to Me and any of the three NOTEBOOKS which contain stirring accounts of the saints of which little is known from history or tradition.  She also has several other published works. My several works simply integrate her revelations into the Biblical record and vice versa.

Godwin Delali Adadzie: Any recommend prayers for these times?

Dave Webster: The St. Michael Prayer, The Rosary, and Divine Mercy would be primary but prayers are like shoes, they should fit the personal needs of the one praying and the promptings of the Holy Spirit concerning the needs of others.

Godwin Delali Adadzie: Any advice to fellow Catholics?   Final thoughts?

Dave Webster: My Final thought would be that every Catholic prepare himself for the predicted loss of faith in Rome, the false Prophet who will bring the Abomination into the Temple, the Man of Sin or Anti-Christ. He needs to prepare for Heaven’s response to this evil revealed to Maria Valtorta as the New Evangelization by learning of these revelations and spreading their messages!  The greatest period of Evangelization for the Church is just ahead!

Any further questions? Please feel free to contact David Webster at: dwebster@saveourchurch.org

Blog site: www.newamplifieddouayrheims.com/blog/


David J. Webster

David J. Webster, M. Div., Director of Save Our Church.

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